Louli Alya Talat

Hello! I'm Alya - aka Louli

A designer with a passion for home decor from Toronto.

I’m a designer, a web developer, and a former University Instructor who finds joy in creating designs and bringing them to life through DIY home projects.

On my website you’ll find a portfolio of my designs and stories behind some of my projects.

On my blog I try to share my design process, creative ideas and tutorials for my handmade creations. 

Louli's Mandalas

Chances are you’ve already seen my artwork and have noticed that mandalas are an important part of my designs.

Why mandalas? Because they’re comforting.

I often find myself either living in the past or worrying about the future. Drawing mandalas helps me focus on the present and stay in the moment. Creating geometric compositions with repetition and rhythm that starts with a small circle and grows into a beautiful piece of art has a calming effect.

Drawing mandalas is especially soothing when combined with relaxing music. Jazz or Arabic Oldies are my favourite! But I love all music, and I like to experiment drawing to the rhythm of music chosen by my girls for me! 

Aren’t you feeling the vibes already?

Here is one of my favourite drawings: 

Quick facts about Louli

I’m a mother of 2 girls, Maryam and Tamara.

I love birds. I’ve always had canaries, but most recently I got a baby cockatiel named Groot. My daughters gave him his own Tiktok account!

I’m an introvert, and this realization made me a much happier person (If you’re an introvert you’d understand!).

I’ve lived in 5 countries. I was born in Iraq, grew up in Kuwait, went to high school in the UK, graduated with an MBA from Qatar and now settled in Canada.

My dream is to work in animation. I even tweeted about it a few years ago.

Fun Fact:

I own a little over 200 scarves and I’ve got a special closet for them.

And a little more about 'Louli'

Most people think my business is named ‘Louli’ because it’s my nickname. That’s partially true, but it’s only half of the story.

I actually started waaaay back in 2003. I was making and selling handmade jewelry and donating a percentage of profits to charity. I worked mainly with beads and pearls. ‘Louli’ is Arabic for Pearls, and since it’s also my nickname, it was the perfect name for my business, and it just stayed with me all those years. I continued to use it as I explored different business ideas and shifted from one thing to the other – a web developer to graphic designer to home decor – until I found myself in the world of surface print and pattern design.